CSR Strategy

Jaypee Vishnuprayag Hydro Electric Plant (1x400MW) is an Environment Friendly, Non  Consumptive, Run of the River Project with a near Zero Carbon Footprint. The Plant has been generating Green Power since June 2006 and consciously integrates Social and Environmental Concerns into all its activities. This is borne out by the fact that the Plant is ISO 14001 Certified for its Environmental Management System. The Company has been willingly and whole heartedly, contributing to the development of the local community through various activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A few of the activities are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Our Initiatives

(a)   Promotion of Education

(i)            The Company is running a  highly reputed CBSE Intermediate (10+2) School at Village Marwari for children of local nearby Villages. A bare   minimum Fee is charged for State of the Art Facilities that are comparable with the best of Schools   at any of the Indian Metros. The functioning of the School is largely financed by the Company. The standard of the School can be gauged from the fact that the School stood 29th in an all India Competition in 2019 and the award was presented by the Honourable HRD Minister at a glittering function at New Delhi.

(ii)           Free Transport is provided by the Company for Children from nearby Villages, for a number of Schools located within Joshimath.


(iii)          Periodically free Medical checkup of the Students is organized by the Company’s Dispensary.

(iv)          Financial Assistance is provided for deserving Students, for higher education in Professional Colleges.

(v)           Computers and Mobile Phones have been provided to the locals for the development of the community and for improvement of education.

(vi)          Assistance is provided to Villages for the development  of Play Grounds and for the repair of School Buildings.

(vii)  The company has also contributed by constructing a few classrooms in a School at Chain Village.

(viii)  The entire Flooring Work in a School  at Pandukeshwar was also done by the Company.

(b)   Contribution for National Heritage, Arts and Culture in the Area.

(i)     Financial Assistance is provided to local Villages for conduct of Regional Functions, Village Fairs and Sports.

(ii)    Construction / Renovation of Temples at Kheiro and Ravigram Villages.

(c)   Promoting Health Care.

(i)         Free of Charge Medical treatment facilities and medicines provided to the locals.

(ii)        Ambulance facilities provided to the locals

(iii)       Medical Camps are organized at the nearby villages.

(iv)    Vehicles and other Infrastructural Support is provided to District Hospitals for      Vaccination and other Health Related Activities.

(d)   Women Empowerment.

(i)         Construction of a local Mahila Milan Kendra.

(ii)        Provision of Utensils, Furniture and Carpets for the Mahila Milan Kendra.

(iii)      Presentation of Musical Instruments to the Mahila Milan Kendra.

(iv)       Refurbishment of a  Ladies Labour Room at Binakuli Village.

(e)   Environmental Sustainability

Extensive Plantation of Fruit and Ornamental Trees in the surrounding areas of Marwari and Lambagarh villages.

(f)    Rural Area Development.

(i)         Construction of Roads to Remote Villages.

(ii)        Construction of Concrete  Foot Paths within Villages.

(iii)       Construction of Main Gates, Boundary Walls and Railings at  Schools and Colleges.

(iv)       Construction of a  Cremation Ground.

(v)        Construction of Concrete Protection Works at the River Banks flowing within Villages.

(vi)       Repair and Refurbishment of  local Police Stations.

(vii)     Construction of a Temporary Bridge across River Alaknanda at Biinakuli Village.

(viii)    Flooring Work at the famous Hanuman Chatti Temple.

(ix)       Laying of Drinking Water Supply Pipelines to various Villages.

(x)  Construction of Ramleela Stage at Village Lambagarh.   

(g)   Miscellaneous.

(i)        Provision of DG Sets at the Holy Shrine of  Kedarnath Ji.

(ii)        Regular help is provided in terms of Machinery and Manpower for the clearance of the National Highways whenever they are blocked / damaged due to land slides  or due to any other reason.

(iii)       Transportation Help is regularly provided to the Locals.

(iv)       Dry Ration and Food Packets etc. Provided for District Administration for distribution at   the villages at the time of Natural Calamities.

(v)        Rain Coat, Torch etc provided for Rescue Team during Natural Calamities.