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Cessation of Shri K. P. Rau (DIN 02327446 ) as Independent Director of the Company29-05-2021
Disclosure of pre-payment of Long Term Loans/Working Capital Loans01-04-2021
Regulation 3026-03-2021
Regulation 3020-03-2021
Regulation 3002-03-2021
Regulation 3012-03-2021
Disclosure Regulation 3012-02-2021
Press Release08-02-2021
FCCB Regulation 3028-12-2020
Corporate Announcement Regulation 3016-12-2020
JPVL Announcement Regulation 3007-11-2020
Regulation 30 Disclosure29-09-2020
News Paper Notice for AGM (2)04-09-2020
Disclosure Under Regulation 3015-09-2020
News Paper Notice for AGM29-08-2020
Credit Rating Upgradation08-08-2020
Change in Directorate27-07-2020
JPVL Disclosure07-07-2020
Outcome of Board Meeting26-05-2020
JPVL Redemption of Pref Shares26-03-2020
JPVL Disclosure29-02-2020
Appointment of CFO27-01-2020
FCCB Satisfaction of Mandatory CP16-01-2020
CRPS Canara Bank23-12-2019
CCPS CRPS23-12-2019
Change in Directors09-12-2019
Change in Directors 16-10-2019
Resons of Encumberance by Promoter 04-10-2019
Book Closure for 24th AGM 29-08-2019
Change in Directors 17-07-2019
Related Party Transactions04-06-2019
Disclosure by Large Entities 25-04-2019
Disclosure under SAST 04-04-2019
Change in Directors 29-9-2018
NCLT IBC04-10-2018
Physical Shares Note on SEBI notification 31-08-2018
Outcome of Stakeholders Relationship Committee18-02-2017
Statement of Investors Complaints31-12-2016
Statement of Investors Complaints30-09-2016
Statement of Investor Complaints for quarter ended - 30.06.201630-06-2016
Address Change30-12-2015
Details of Authorized Key Managerial Personnel31-12-2015
Statement of Investor Complaints for the quarter31-12-2015
Statement of Investor Complaints for quarter ended 31-03-2016

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